To provide comprehensive, Multi-Disciplinary, and Long-Term tr

and Long-Term Treatment for patients affected by Craniofacial Deformities.

Core Values


Inspire others: we reach other professionals and inspire them to make a difference, using their talents in the most effective way. They share our passion and our discipline about how to make our vision come alive.


Strategic partnership: with local professionals and non-profit organizations, hospitals and donors to maximize the reach of our organization’s efforts.


Deliver real value: we concentrate our efforts where the need is great and where we can make the most impact. We reach a small population at a time. We want to have a long term impact by providing all the follow up care necessary, so we go beyond the surgery


Accountability and transparency: we publish everything we spend so contributors can see exactly where their money is going and what it is achieving.

At more than $39,000 in annual tuition and fees, not great hyperlink to mention room and board, the school was named by the chronicle of higher education as among the most expensive colleges in the country for 2007-08


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